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Crawford County, Indiana

Crawford County expands from the shores of the Ohio River at the town of Leavenworth, to the shores of Patoka Lake at the towns of Wickcliff and Taswell. Thousands of acres of county, state and federal forest creates a haven for the naturalist. Near Leavenworth you enter the harrison-Crawford State Forest, which includes Wyandotte Caves and Wyandotte Woods recreation areas. Between Sulphur and English, stands the Hoosier National Forest, containing Hemlock Cliffs Geological Area. A perfect spot for the hiking enthusiast. Archeological digs have shown evidence of occupancy as far back as 10,000 years ago. It is believed that cave-like rock shelters were used by prehistoric Indians. At Yellow Birch Nature Preserve, near Taswell, you will find natural rock bridges formed hundreds of years ago.

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