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Bordered on the west by the rolling hills of Finley Knobs and on the east by the sparkling clear waters of Hardy Lake and the old town of Lexington, Scott County is indeed a beautiful county. One may choose access highways to Scott County destinations or quaint country roads for longer and more scenic rides.

Scott County boasts of its tranquil quality of life, its safe streets, its small town atmosphere, and its warm Hoosier hospitality. At the same time, the major events and hustle and bustle of large cities can be reached within one to two hours.

Situated on the north-south highway I-65, the growth of Scott County is imminent. However, a comprehensive plan is in place to assure that its growth will be organized and orderly and its country charm maintained.

For more information on this exciting southern Indiana destination contact:

Scott County Tourism Information Center
c/o Scott County Economic Development Corporation
90 North Main Street, Suite C
Scottsburg, IN 47170

(812) 752-7270
Fax: (812) 752-7272


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