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Tips on Using SouthernIN.com to Plan your Getaway

SouthernIN.com is packed full of information that will help plan your getaway. The buttons on the left side of the Home Page will help you find that information.

If you know where you want to go your first stop should be County Info. Each County Page has a listing of attractions, lodging, restaurants, and general information for that county. Just click on the County Info button on the left side of the screen and you will get a map of all 50 counties. Click on the county about which you want information. Everything you need to know about that area is on that page, including contact information for the county’s visitors bureaus and links to their web sites.

For those open to ideas for a weekend or day-trip, try browsing the Calendar of Events. Click on the Calendar of Events button on the left of the Home page, and scroll down to the date you want to travel. If you are open to ideas you might find a festival or event around which you can plan your trip. During peak travel seasons you will finds hundreds of events listed each month. After you choose the event you want to attend, go back to the County Info page and look up more information on what is available in the area - choose a bed and breakfast or a restaurant you might want to try, and make a trip out of it!

If you are looking for a topic we may have covered, go to the Site Search button on the left and at the bottom of the Home page. Here you can type in what you want information on and all the related articles or listings will be presented. This accesses past articles from the Archives, or information from county pages. For example, if you want to see covered bridges, click the Site Search button, then type “covered bridges” in the blanks. All the articles or information on that subject will come up. If you are looking for information on a specific place, type in the name of the town or place. For example if you want to learn about New Harmony, type that in and an index of past articles will be displayed. Click on the one you wish to go to.

Another feature to help plan your getaway is the Best Of button on the left of the home page. These are the “Reader’s Choice” winners for a number of categories including Best Bed and Breakfast, Best Fine Dining, Casual Dining and Best Pizza, Best Scenic Views, Best Festivals, etc. Again, if you are open to new ideas, try picking a location based on these “winners”, which are all recommended by SouthernIN.com readers.

Have a great getaway, and tell ‘em SouthernIN.com sent you!

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