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Novica.com is an online marketplace that sells works of art and objects from different artists and artisans from around the world for consumers. Product categories, retail sales by the Company include art, interior design, carpets, chess sets, games, furniture, masks, mirrors, musical instruments, sculpture, tableware, vases, curtains, clothing , bags, jewelry, jewelry, bags, collectibles, paintings and unique gifts. Customers’ favorite collectibles including beadwork mask of Santos, the ceramic dish Javier Servin, the eclipse by Ana Maria Enciso Copperhead and Iron wall decoration by Marco Polo. A number of savings options available to customers, including Novica.com newsletter offers, coupons, cash discounts based on the user, coupons, reward points and cash back. The company was co-founded in 1998 by Robert of milk, milk and Armenia Andy Nercessian they Oliveira. It is associated with National Geographic and is based in Los Angeles, California. Novica.com is popular among customers for its wide selection of crafts and a quick delivery.

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