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Monroe County, Indiana and Bloomington

Monroe County is the perfect example of the beauty that southern Indiana is famous for. The tree-covered limestone hills offer a variety of activities from hiking and camping to mountain biking. There are also three major lakes and numerous streams and creeks for fishing and swimming. In the middle of all this you find Indiana University and the bustling, culturally-rich town of Bloomington.

Bloomington, nestled in the rolling hills of south central Indiana, has long been known for its big city offerings while maintaining its quaint Midwestern charm. Broadway plays, the longest continuously-running opera program in the Western Hemisphere and its numerous jazz, rock-and-roll and alternative music clubs make the area a haven for musicians studying at Indiana University's internationally ranked music school. Add the numerous outdoor activities of hiking, biking, canoeing and spelunking and Bloomington is perfect for those who love outdoor adventure, indoor fun and music everywhere they go!

For more information on this great southern Indiana destination you can contact the:

Bloomington/Monroe County Convention and Visitors Bureau
2855 N. Walnut Street
Bloomington, IN 47404
(812) 334-8900
(800) 800-0037

or visit their web site at:

You can also check out the local Bloomington Newspapers:

The Herald-Times, Inc. - 1900 S. Walnut, Bloomington. (812) 332-4401

Bloomington Voice - 3900 S. Old S.R. 37 Suite B. (812) 331-0963

Bloomington Independent - 217 S. Dunn St. (812) 331-0963.

The Journal - 211 N. Sale, Elletsville. (812) 876-2254

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