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If you missed an issue of don't worry, the feature articles aren't gone for good–we've archived them here so you can always refer back to them.

They are archived here by month they were originally published, or you can return to the "Home" page and use the search engine to search for a specific topic.

January 2000:

Skiing in Southern Indiana - You don't have to take an expensive trip to enjoy great skiing. <go to this article>

Columbus - Different By Design - This Southern Indiana town has some of the country's most impressive architecture and a solid commitment to the arts. <go to this article>

Weather Lore and More - Predicting the weather used to be more difficult than just turning on the television. <go to this article>

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February 2000:

Indiana Wineries - You don't need to look to France or even California for great wines. Indiana produces almost any variety of wine you could hope for. <go to this article>

Maple Syrup - February is maple syrup season and Indiana produces a great deal of the naturally sweet syrup. <go to this article>

The Mummas - They've been making maple syrup in Owen County for many years. <go to this article>

Historic New Harmony - The rich history of this Southern Indiana town includes two utopian experiments. <go to this article>

The Old Rooming House - For a delightful change of pace when looking for accomodations in New Harmony we highly recommend The Old Rooming House. <go to this article>

Valentine's Day Lore - Folklorist and regular contributor, Wanda Willis, shares many stories and folklore surrounding the popular, amorous holidy. <go to this article>

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March 2000:

Richmond and Wayne County: Gateway to Indiana’s National Road - <go to this article>

Memories from the Road: 1949
A Hitchhiker Remembers U.S. 40 <go to this article>

"Painting Indiana", Then and Now - “Painting Indiana: Portraits of Indiana’s 92 Counties” has been presented by the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, Inc. <go to this article>

Irish Rhymes and Lore - St. Patricks day folklore from Wanda Willis. <go to this article>

see the March Cover

April 2000:

If you missed last month's Wayne County article and history of the Old National Road <go to it now>

Henry County
US 40's legendary "Raintree" County <go to this article>

Hancock County - Birthplace of the Hoosier Poet. <go to this article>

Marion County - Indianapolis has a zoo and a mall <go to this article>

Hendricks County - Just west of Indianapolis <go to this article>

Putnam County - Covered Bridge Country <go to this article>

Clay County - Featuring Brazil and Poland <go to this article>

Vigo County - Coming soon <go to this article>

Morel Madness: Mushroom Hunting in Southern Indiana <go to this article>

Don't Miss Thunder Over Louisville -The most spectacular fireworks show you'll ever see and it's best viewed from Southern Indiana <go to this article>

Spring Beauties -Wanda Willis writes about the flowers of Spring. <go to this article>

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May 2000:

French Lick and West Baden Springs. Where the glory of the past lives on <go to this article>

Wings Over Muscatatuck. visits Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge <go to this article>

Birds of Southern Indiana. Birds to watch for in Southern Indiana <read all about it>

Strange Indiana! Bigfoot sightings and more, by folklorist Wanda Willis. <read all about it>

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June 2000:

Bluegrass in Indiana. Bean Blossom is known throughout the world as a mecca of bluegrass music <go to this article>

Bluegrass Events in Indiana. Check out our special calendar of bluegrass events. <go to this article>

Meet the Artists. We shine the spotlight on three local bluegrass artists <go to this article>

Memories of a Southern Indiana Vacation. Another memoir by Ed Meyer <go to this article>

Canoeing Southern Indiana: Finding Simple Beauty in Southern Indiana's Rivers by Cara L.J. Stallsmith <go to this article>

The McGregor House Bed and Breakfast A Labor of Love Brings a Brazil Home Back to Life <go to this article>

see the June Cover

July 2000:

Holiday World and Splashin' Safari - World-class coasters and family fun <go to this article>

Farm Markets, Round Barns, and John Mellencamp’s Home: Join us as we tour Jackson County <go to this article>

Greene County: Host of 2000 Masters National Road Championship <go to this article>

Biking Southern Indiana: Find out about bike tours, races and clubs in Southern Indiana <go to this article>

see the JulyCover

August 2000:

A Look at Southern Indiana's Most Beautiful Gardens - <go to this article>

West Boggs Park: Fantastsic outdoor fun! <go to this article>

Sycamore Land Trust: Working to Preserve Endangered Landscapes of South-Central Indiana <go to this article>

Mountain Biking: Interview with Indianapolis bicyclist Layne Cameron who literally "wrote the book" on mountain biking in Indiana <go to this article>

Blackberries and More Blackberries There is a "bumper crop" of blackberries in many areas this year. <go to this article>

see the August Cover

September 2000:

The Best of Southern Indiana! We polled our readers about their favorites in 14 categories and here are the results:

Best Bed and Breakfast or Inn

Best Fine Dining

Best Casual Dining

Best Pizza

Best Museum

Best Annual Fair

Best Shopping

Best View

Best State Park

Best Hiking Trail

Best Campground

Best Outdoor Activity

Best Place To Hear Live Music

Best Article

October 2000:

Disappearances - An original tale by Chris Rahe that is not for the weak of heart <go to this story>

Old Ways Live On - White River Valley Antique Show <go to this article>

Community Theatre of Clay County by Vicki Shorter - A behind-the-scenes look at Noel Coward's "Present Laughter". <go to this articl>

Corn Mazes - Test your navigation skills at a corn maze near you <go to this article>

Parke County Covered Bridge Festival <go to this article>

It's Fall Festival Time! We take a look at a few featured festivals <go to this article>

Haunted Tours - If you're looking for a scare, we'll show you where to find it. <go to this article>

Aviation Auction at Freeman Airfield, Seymour

Harvest Suppers at Huddleston House

Print2000 at New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art

Fall Shoot in Linton

November 2000:

Harrison County: We visited this beautiful, historic county on the Ohio River. <go to this article>

Snow Day: Part 1 - A serial story by G.E. Meyer starts this month and continues every couple of weeks until its finished. <go to this story>

A One-of-a-Kind Holiday: White River State Park Offers Singular Sensations <go to this article>

Recycled Treasures Will Adorn West Baden Springs One-of-a-Kind Tree <go to this article>

Holiday Celebrations - read about some of the celebrations going on in various Southern Indiana communities. <go to this story>

Santa Claus, Indiana Prepares for the Christmas Season:

Unique Holiday Postmark Available December 1

Santa's Elves Launch Letter Campaign

Christmas Festivities Planned in Santa Claus and Thoughout Spencer County

December 2000:

Family of Craftsmen: Father and Son Saddle Makers in Greencastle. <read this story>

A Countrywoman's Journal: The Case of the Stray Horses - Interesting anectdotes about life in the country. <read this story>

Holiday Gift Book Ideas: Here are some books with an Indiana connection that might make a great gift for someone you know. <read about these>